10 Good Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Selling a Home During the Holidays

Selling a home during the holiday season. WOW.  Can you believe it’s already that time of the year?!  If considering taking advantage of this wonderful sellers market to sell your home quicker, and for more money, you shouldn’t list during the holidays because it’s the “slow market”, right?!  WRONG!!  Below are ten reasons why you SHOULD consider listing a home during the holidays.

1.  Your home is generally decorated nicer, feels homier, and may have the pleasant aroma of vanilla, pumpkin, spice, etc.  All of this draws in the buyers’ senses and creates the emotional attraction to  your home.

2.  You’ll “generally” have less showings but more serious buyers.  A time when most people would rather stay at home next to their “own” cozy fire with a mug of hot chocolate, or out shopping for the holiday season, if people are looking during this time–they are serious (especially if they are looking in “not-so-great” weather conditions–snow, ice, or pouring rain).  Let them in 🙂 

3.  Lower Inventory.  Instead of having 10-12 homes to look at that fit their needs, lower inventory (though not quite as bad as it was in the summer, but still low!) means that the buyer(s) may only have a few homes to look at to make their choice from–make yours stand out!

4.  Taxes.   Some people need to move at the end of the year due to needing the tax write-off on the purchase of their new home.

5.  Schools Out!  If moving to a different school or school zone, most parents prefer to move while the children are out on break, or before starting the new semester at their new school.  (This means list in October, early November to capture those buyers who want to close during winter break).

6.  Schools In!  Some empty-nesters are now finding that, after their children left for college the previous Fall, that they no longer need the space or upkeep that they once did.  Realization normally sets in now, after their children have been away at college for a couple of months.  They may be looking for their new home to ring in the new year together (alone!) 🙂

7.  New Years Resolutions.  Yes, I have encountered some sellers whose home simply does not fit their needs or lifestyle anymore but for whatever reason, have put off selling their home.  Most of us start thinking of what we want our New Years Resolutions to be weeks to months ahead of time.  Sometimes, it’s decluttering the closets and getting your home “stage-ready”.  (Another source of buyers lurking around during the holidays!).

8.  Companies Moving Into the Area.  With our economy improving a lot faster than some of the other markets, a lot of companies are moving into the area, and with that move, comes a lot of new employees who will need a home.  The month of January is infamous for relocations (which means more buyers beginning their search in early October/November).

9.  Investment Housing.  Have an UGLY house?  No worries!  If I’ve learned one thing over the past 12 years of my career it’s that there is a house out there for everyone, and a buyer for every house and some will really surprise you!  If your home is in need of cosmetic changes, you don’t have to spend a fortune updating it, as long as you price it correctly (*discuss details with your Realtor as every situation like this is different, depending upon what you want or need to “net” on your home).  Some people start looking for homes that they can lease out at the end of the year because their goal is to invest in an asset for financial reasons and want something a little more stable than the stock market.

10.  Prices and rates are both on the upswing. By taking advantage of the sellers market now, you can list your home and possibly sell within a few days (*again, contingent upon your market and various factors–discuss with your Realtor), not have to deal with endless showings for months on end, make a nice profit and possibly have a smaller interest rate on your NEW home (if you haven’t recently refinanced).

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